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CN71A - Box Section

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Product Applications

For 200mm and 215mm Exterior Solid Walls

Product Benefits

  • Built-in Plaster Key
  • Duplex Corrosion Protection
  • Integral Insulation

Standard Lengths 750 - 1500 1650 - 2100 2250 - 2700
SWL (kN) 29 27 20
Weight (kg/m) 9.3 9.3 9.3
Nominal height 'h' (mm) 143 143 143

For solid wall construction in excess of 250mm an appropriate Cougar Open Back Lintel can be utilised, contact Catnic Technical Services for details.

Standard lengths are available in 150mm increments.

The SWL (safe working load) is based on the total UDL (uniform distributed load) over maximum span using 150mm end bearings

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