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Arch Formers


Catnic Arch Formers are quick, convenient and versatile way to create non-loadbearing, perfectly formed arches in a range of styles. Adjustable to fit walls from 90mm up to 230mm thick and on up to 365mm thick when used in conjunction with our extra soffit sections. Each pack contains all the necessary formers to complete both sides of the wall (or arch).

For more information download the Arch Formers and Accessories data sheet here 174kb

Arch Former Accessories

Image of an arch former accessoryBridging sections and soffit sections to accommodate increases in span or wall thickness.

Verona Arch Formers

Image of a verona arch formerHigh quality galvanised steel mesh used to create decorative, non-load bearing arches. Accommodating a rise between 372mm to 752mm and bridging an opening between 760mm to 1520mm.

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